Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sunglasses Indoors

Pretty much anybody can look good in a decent pair of designer sunglasses, and during the summer months you’ll see hundreds of people rocking the shades look every day. But there are some places and times when it’s just wrong to wear shades; unless you happen to be a world famous, A list celebrity (and even then i don’t like it), most people will just think you’re trying far too hard.

There are the odd times when you’ll be allowed such a social mistake, like if you’re ill for example and you have a bad headache. In this instance, it’s totally fair enough … and yes i am including hangovers in this bit. Without an excuse like this however, you just look more than a tiny bit stupid. So let’s have a quick look at some of the places you really don’t want to be wearing your new glasses:

In a bar of nightclub: I can’t see a single good reason for this, not one. Sure, if you’re Samuel L Jackson you might pull it off, but for us normal people you haven’t got a hope of looking like anything other than a try-hard.

In a restaurant: I once saw someone wearing sunglasses in a restaurant and I thought he was an idiot. I’d be willing to bet money that a good percentage of the restaurant (staff included) probably had the same thought. You’re eating and there’s no sun, so take them off!

At work: Now if your job involves you driving long distances or working out in the sun, then you should be wearing sunglasses. If you work in an office, don’t ever EVER put them on until you’re outside. You’re not going to impress anyone and that co-worker you’ve always fancied will now just think you’re a bit of a muppet.

Whilst playing football: Yes, so Edgar Davids wore them during his playing days, but he has a medical condition. You’re not Edgar Davids, so take them off before you hurt yourself or someone

else because you can’t see properly. If the players in the Premier League don’t need them, then i think it’s fair to say you certainly don’t need them to play in the local park.

On the tube: You’re underground, the sun couldn’t get to you even if it wanted to. Just take them off otherwise you’ll look stupid and will be encouraging everyone else on the train to look at you thinking what a muppet you are.

Indoors: A bit general this one, but a good rule of thumb is if you can’t see the sun, you don’t need to wear those aviator sunglasses you’re so fond of. Just do yourself a favour and wait till you’re outside and in the sun, like a normal person would.

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